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Baadam And Kaaju Ka Sharbhat(Dryfruit Drink)

I came to know about JFI Event while going through Veneela's Blog. This event actually started by Indira of Mahanandi .Thank You Indira ,to start such a great event. And thanks to Veneela too for choosing "Milk and Milk Products " as september JFI#5 event. I was thinking what to make for this event. I came across almost all the sweets in all my fellow bloggers, though every one has there own richness and taste in it. Badam Milk or Badam Sharbath are very famous drinks. Based on that I got an idea of making a delicious drink with blend of dryfruits and milk.
Here is the recipe of this drink.

1/2 cup of kaju and baadam powder (make powder of both fine or with little nuts left over i.e., crunchy mixture, as you can see in the above picture)
2 cups of 1% reduced fat milk or skimmed milk (as desired)
2 or 3 tsp sugar (as per taste)

  1. Mix the paste and sugar in milk very well.
  2. Serve this drink always chill, one to enjoy its rich flavour of dryfruits.
Note: Those who does'nt like the crunchy taste of dryfruits can make a fine powder of those.And can garnish with little dryfruits. Here You can also garnish with pistacho nuts. This drink is best when it is served after a hot day or after hot indian meal or any other meal.

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Nice blog Meena. I am first time visitor here. All the best :).

Yummy looking dishes.I will read first after that i will mail you.THANKS for participating.

Hi Meena,
I am visiting ur blog for the first time. U have a nice blog going and welcome to the blogging world. Its nice of u to leave a comment on my blog..
Badam and kadu drink is surely a rich and healthy drink. Thanks for the recipe ..

Yummy looking protein packed sherbet Meena..

Thank you Shilpa,Vineela,Prema and KA.

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