Wednesday, September 19, 2007

To All My Readers and Friends....

From long time Iam not blogging regularly. The reason behind it is we are expecting a new member in our family after few months. So due to initial nausea and sickness, Iam away from blogging. But apart from this good news, another sad news is my css is not working for some reason. The look of blog is not same any more. Iam unable to find the reason, since every thing in css code looks fine. Anyways, since it may create some inconvenience to the readers, i decided to go with some other new design and required changes. Till then Iam sorry for little incovenience. Though, I was away and even with this inconenience, my readers were never away from me and also continued giving mails and appreciating my work. Iam very very thankful for all of your response. Though unable to respond to each one of your mails, iam reading them and publishing them too.So THANK YOU one and all and I promise to come back soon on blogging regularly.


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