Friday, May 12, 2006

About me and my family

U Can see my son .His name is Revanth Kandlakuti. He is the reason behind my interest in cooking now a days.How??? he is growing up fast so i need to learn and experiment lots of food and prepare for him.......hmmm .Yummy!!! My idea is not let him get habituated to fast food.i want to give him healthy,tasty and home food.
Another reason is, i was looking to other bloggers from long time like mahanandi,myrasoi,krishnaarjun etc.I really appreciate them for there work.They are also one of the reason behind my inspiration.Thank you to all of them.I hope you will all like my recipes too.
We went to 17 miles drive some time ago.It was a good ride.Iam adding some of photographs of the nature.Hope you will all enjoy them.This is one trip which is compulsory we go with all our guests and friends.Its in california.Have a look at them.


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