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Vinaayaka Chathurthi

Vinaayaka Chathurthi is one festival which is celebrated through out india and indians althrough the world for 11 days.Complete 10 days we pray to god, do pooja, preparing prasaadam etc, etc. I and Srinivas celebrate this festival very well every year.This year too, though took lot of time for preparations and pooja , it was all done very well.Iam happy to share all thease with all my readers and my other blogger friends. I wish this Chathurthi bring all good things and lots of peace and happiness to all of us.

I always prepare five items for this festival for NAIVEDYAM. This time I prepared Undraalu, Wadalu, Paayasam, Pesarpappu, Bellampayasam(Bellamannamu). This photograph was taken before we performed pooja to Lord Ganesha. I also offered some Navaddanayalu to him. Every thing we get to eat is, his gift to us. Thanks to all the cooks, who really gave a sence , good taste and different flavours to the food. Especially, indian food has got many shades in it. Shades here I mean just not the colors ;-). I mean taste, flavours and ofcourse colors too :-). I have seen photos and read about Chavithi in most of my fellow bloggers sites. They all really did a great job. Getting an idol and performing pooja is one side and making god idle with our hands is another greater side. That great work I have seen in one of my fellow blogger "Cooking Medley" . Its just not only pleasure to do but also great divine work.
Above photograph was taken after we did pooja. This time an indian grocery shop called "Cash 'n' Carry" in Bayarea has really imported beautiful idols. Thanks to them!! Also some books are kept before Lord Ganesha to bless us with great knowledge. I remember when I and my brother were in school we had to keep those books which are optional to carry to the school. And we use to make some excuse saying that, we kept the books before god and can'nt be removed till three or five days to the teachers, especially for the Maths text book. Since it use to weigh alot;-)) Now its time for the next generation to do all those tricks:-)) All thease are fun to remind and gives lot of happiness to us though for few minutes. I wish once again Happy Vinaayaka Chathurthi to all viewers!!!

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Hi Meena,
Happy vinayaka chaturthi. Ur picturs with flowers,leaves and idol looks very nice.OOh Iam tempted to eat vada..

Meena, thatz a nice idol & beautiful decoration too.Its satisfying to maintain such tradition even in this far away place.Happy Ganesh Chathurthi !!

vinayaka chavithi to you and your family.
God and Naivedyam pictures looks
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you prema and jayshree for visiting my blog and your wishes.

Wow! what a wonderful spread for Ganesha!!

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