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Dry Mushroom Manchurian

Today in the evening time I was yet to prepare for the dinner, I found white little Mushrooms in store. Thinking to prepare a gravy with Mushrooms, I remembered a crunchy snack, which we use to enjoy in "Shilparamam" an handicrafts mela held in Hyderabad at Hightech City every year or in a period of 6months. I just love to shop at this mela. I find every thing beautiful over there. Never missed till I was in Hyderabad. I hope next time my visit maches with it. Coming back to my recipe here it goes.
1 cup White mushrooms (available in indian stores)
1tbsp corn flour
2 to 3 tsp chickpea flour(chenna besan)
1/2 tsp salt (or as desired)
1/2 tsp soya sauce
1/2 tsp veneger
3 to 4 green chillies (cut into very small pieces)
little water (as required)
oil for deep frying
For Garnish:
1 small lime (cut into small cubes)
1/2 onion (cut into thin wide slices)
  1. Wash mushrooms twice or thrice. Cut into half if big in size or else keep as it is.
  2. Mix all other ingredients with mushrooms except oil. Check for salt and thickness. i.e., each mushroom should be well coated with the paste.
  3. Allow to marinate for 1/2 hour.
  4. Heat the oil and fry coated mushrooms till the color changes to dark brown. Even mushrooms should also cook. It should not be soft or wattery from in side and should be hard from out side.
  5. Remove and allow to dry and absorb extra oil on a paper towel.
  6. Once done, sprinkle some lime juice on them and mix well.
  7. Serve hot with lime pieces and onion. Enjoy along with tea or just as a crunchy snack with tomato ketchup.

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Looks lovely.Can I have some from that plate?

Sure shilpa..you can have all..:-))

Hi Meena, my mouth is watering , am hungry too!! Thank you!
Great looking template, worth all that time testing :) Good job!!

Hey it was good, i added green chilli & red chilli sauce - it gave a different but still a spicy flavor.It was a nice recipe, thanQ...

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