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Gongura Pachadi / Chutney

Gongura Pachadi or chutney is no doubt an "Andhra Special" dish. In olden days this used be one among other special dishes on any special occasions for Andhra People. Iam happy that thease leaves are easily available in Indian stores here(United States). Today Iam going to present two methods of preparing Gongura Pachadi. One is a simple & fast method; another one is little elaborated which Iam presenting with some pictures. Before proceeding I would like to say this is another versatile food item; since you can prepare Gongura Pachadi; Gongura Vepudu; Gongura Pappu from thease sorrel leaves. Below both methods are adopted from my mother and mother-in-law respectively. My mother does the same way with a little variation. I.e., aadding black chenna in pachadi. Soak the channa overnight ; wash them next day ; fry in little oil and add them after grinding all the ingredients i.e., to the paste. This we used to have with Jonna Rottelu (jawar ki roti). Soon I will blog how to do the jawar ki rotti. Some times, we distribute this as "prasadam" in Saibaba temple. Iam sure some of you who have visited or visit saibaba temple frequently, can notice this as one among other "Prasadam" served at the Baba Temple. You can try this variation too; and can have with hot rice or chapathis.
First Method:
2 big bunches of gongura (red sorrel leaves prefferably)
1tsp mustard seeds (avaalu)
3 or 4 tsp coriander seeds (dhaniyaalu)
6 dryred chillies (endu nirapakaayalu)
1 tsp Methi (menthulu)
A pinch hing /Asafoetida(inguvaa)
Salt as required
2 tbsp of cooking oil

  1. Separate gongura leaves from the respective stems. Wash and keep separately till all the water is drained.

  2. Take deep fry pan. Pour some oil (2 tsp) warm up. Add gongura leaves and fry till all the water is evoporated as shown in beside picture.
  3. Since the leaves are sorrel , no need to add any tamrind pulp or tamarind itself.

  4. Take out the fried leaves and keep it separately.

  5. In the same pan, heat oil and add mustard seeds , coriander seeds, dry red chillies, methi seeds and hing respectively, one after the other.
  6. Fry till the seeds starts spluttering. Now add fried gongura to this and mix well.
  7. Swith off the stove. Here at this stage you can just make paste of it using pappu gottam (which is used to mash any dal cooked in the pressure cooker) or else after it cools down make paste of it in a grinder with required salt.

Gongura Pachadi (before grinding it into paste)

Second Method:

  1. Same till 4th step of first method.
  2. Fry dry red chillies, asafoetida or hing and mustard seeds in oil.
  3. Add the leaves to this and mix well and remove from the heat. Grind to the fine paste.

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Tks for sharing this recipe. Viji

Beautiful! I have never cooked with Gongura leaves, but have bottled pickle:))

We sometimes add raw onion pieces to this - don't think they are ground, though

Thank You Vijji for dropping by!

Thank you Asha..this too will stay fresh for 1 week if u temper with little oil and refrigerate:-)

Hi Sra,

I knew about adding raw onions too..it is also a good one to have with hot rice:-)Thank you!

I prepared yesterday this gongura pachadi but little different.

Hello Meena,

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll :-). Gongura Pacchidi is one of the first Andhraite dish I have had. Love this pacchidi.

Hi Chinni,

I have just visited your food blog Andhra Kitchen. U have got good stuff overall:-)) Thanks for visiting mine.

Thank You Suganya! Yeah! I know! no body can jsut not escape from this andhra special fi they have it even once:-)

Looks like the food in my neighbourhood

My husband's favoutite recipe Meena. I do buy the bottled ones but haven't cooked it yet. thanks for the recipe.

my experince with gongura is limited to pickle meena and i just love it. i haven't seen any fresh gongura here in UK. so can u parcel me some of that yummy pachdi? ;)

Thank you Anrosh!
I think you just started a blog. all the best for that.By the way the photo taken from ur window is superb! Thanks for sharing:-)

Hi Prema!
We too buy some time bottled one..but it seems there is lot of oil in that and even sodium content is more.I think you can go for fresh ones some times at home.What do u think:-))

Hi Sia!
It would be great pleasure to parcel one to you:-))I wish it is available easily to u, as it is very easy to prepare and tasty too:-))HOpe u get in near futur!

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