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Happy New Year 2007

My dear readers, blog friends and every body there ,reading this right now..Wish U All A Very Very Happy New Year and Have A Great Time In Your Kitchen, Cooking Wonderful Dishes and Sharing With All Of Us!!

Above: My Son and The White Duck trying to chase each other

I have taken a small break from blogging, as I was little busy in moving to new home. Now we all set, though not every thing organized yet, but the work is progressing slowly. And another news is, Iam going to take a two months long break from feb of 1st week to apr 1st week. Now this is for my India vacation. But before that in thease 3 week period, I will be posting some of my recipes, which are ready to be posted from long long time:-) Thank you friends, for all the wishes, I got from my dear blog friends. Once again I wish all the success, peaceful life, tons of happiness to all my readers and dear friends. From long long time my Atlanta trip and Orlando trip photos are pending to be posted which I said I will do long ago. Enjoy some of them here.

Above :Two Wahles At Orlando Sea World
Below: Luanch PadB At JF Kennedy Space Center, from where recently they launched the space shuttle.(Click on the photo to see more clear picture)
Above: Sample of a space shuttle explaning about its parts seperatley in detail
Below: Two Lovely parrots at Animal Kingdom

Above:Pink Flamingoes standing on one leg (In telugu it said to be Konga Japam--> means Standing On One leg and doing meditation or prayer)
Above: Parade at disney land
Below: Some of photogrpahs taken at Atlanta Aquarium (which is said to be the world's biggest Aquarium which has all types water species, which in deed not yet completed and take 2 new species every month I guess)
Above: Jelly Fish which is said to be dangerous one though looks beautiful but can kill any thing with its tentacles(Unbelievable!!)
Above: My son trying hard to catch the fish with his little hand
Below : Two photos taken from inside the flight returning from Atlanta to Sanjose (one:Beautiful Mountains Second: Spread of clouds and can see one of the wings fo the aeroplane)

Hope you all enjoyed thease some of photographs taken in our trips among many other hundreds of them. Enjoy!!

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Looks like you had a fun begining to the new year :) Thanks for sharing, your son is soo cute.

Hi Meena.Happy 2007! Your son has grown somuch.Kids grow like weeds,don't they?:D My son is only 11yrs old but he is already as tall as me!
Beautiful pics.We have some of the similar pics too from Sea World and JFK Space center.Hope you settled down and blog more!Hugs!!

Thank You Mandira to comment first and for nice words:-) I wish lots of happiness to u and ur family.Thank you dear once again.

Thank You Asha :-)
U know what I remembered you only when I was preparing tis post.Since I know u too went to the same place.Iam sure U had great time too.Enjoy!

Hi Meena,
Happy new year to you ! Wonderful pics! Thanks for sharing!

hope you have a great vacation! You'll be missed...
Your son so cute! And what a breath-taking scene that you took on plane.

Thank you Lakshmiammal for dropping by and happy to listen from u:-))Happy new Year to u too.

Thank You Gattina,
Iam glad to hear that I will be missed.yes, I will be missing u and equally other friends too:-( But hey I will return with good dishes fro my inlaw and my mother.Iam little excited abt that.And abt the photos in plane...My Dear husband took them.Yes they are wonderful:-))Thank You Dear once again!!

Hey meena
Loved your pics. Your son looks cho chweet. When are you going to India ? Come back with more beautiful recipes

Thank You Sandeepa,
happy to see u here today:-) Iam leaving to India in first week of feb and will back in april 1st week.Bu yes, I will be back with more beautiful, traditional recipes.I will miss u all:-(

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