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Coconut & Mint Chutney (Kobbari-Pudina Chutney)

Coconut is offered to god as Prasaadam in our Indian Culture which is symbol of Purity. I.e., As we remove all the external fiber on the coconut and break it and offer to the god, one should remove all the desires from heart and offer our soal to god.

Hi Friends, now a days Iam little slow in blogging, though I have got lot of recipes to blog. The reason is we are shifting to new apartments this month end. So I was quite busy in searching an apartment. And we got one. Finally moving this month end to new apartment. After that , again I may be bit slower in blogging. Now you know the reason:-)) Anyways, coming back to my cooking world, this weekend we got two big sets of whole wheat bread from costco. So, Iam into preparations of chutneys for our daily breakfast i.e., Bread Sandwage. In the preparation of, this series of chutneys, Iam planning to blog a couple of chutneys useful for Bread Sandwage. Thease chutney recipes are adopted from the one and only book from which I usually adopt.."Shehzad Husain and Manisha Kanani" 's "Healthy Indian Cooking" book. You may wonder, why I always adopt from this book only. The secret is I have got only couple of cook books with me. So I keep trying from them on and off. Then why not from other cook books? This question may rise in your minds. And my answer is why should I? When I have got so many blogger friends and there blogs which has got bundle of variety, traditional, authentic and recipes from all over the world. You know what, when ever I visit any book store, and find good cook book and want to purchase...finally I end up coming out of the store with out any cook book:-))...Thanks to all my blogger friends for sharing wonderful recipes. Before coming to the recipe, I would like to say some thing about coconut.

You know it is said that the origin of coconut is from our own mother land "India: Rajasthan and Maharashtra". Though it is unclear, but the fact remains always as a fact. Now this coconut is widely used all over the world and became necessary in our daily food. In India, as soon as we remember coconut, we remind of "God's Own Land" Kerala. In kerala, coconut is used widely in different ways. To say, in the form of oil, which is used for cooking food; hair oil, which many of us still use; coconut water for instant energy especially in summer, which becomes must for many of us in india. You know what I miss coconut water here a lot. Though we get here in different forms...in tins, in Inidan stores and other general stores too...I always miss buying coconut water by the road side and having them after a tired afternoon, returning from shopping or from school or college in hot summer. The water are so sweet and has become very precious here for me atleast:-))....But thanks to blog world, here that sweetness which I miss is compensated by many blog friends from Kerala, with there traditional recipes, in which coconut becomes necessary one. One such blogger friend, Ashwini from "Food For Thought" is hosting Jhiva For Coconut in new year i.e., In Jan, 2007. Thank You Ashwini, in advance for this event. And also thanks to Indira of "Mahanandi" who originally started this event.I hardley said some thing about coconut but words are less to describe this versatile Ingredient and also great food as it is. But to know more about coconut, click on following link..here. Today's my post is Coconut-Mint Chutney, which serves as best base for bread and this is my entry to the Jhiva For Coconut. Also, I found, it was great with any hot rice or vegetable pulav. Here comes my recipe....

40z fresh mint leaves
12 tbsp desiccated(dry) coconut
2 tbsp sesame seeds (prefferably white sesame seeds)
1/2 tsp salt (or as required)
1 cup natural low fat yogurt

  1. Finely chop the mint using a sharp knife.
  2. Put all the ingredients into food processor or blender as shown in above pic untill smooth.
  3. Cover and chill.
Note: "This delicious chutney can be made in advance and will keep covered for up to 5 days in the refrigerator" as author says. It was great with toasted whole wheat bread. Bread was warm and this cold chutney as a base on bread with thin slices of tomato's made complete break fast.

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Such a lovely write up Meena. Every ritual in India has such a beautiful context doesnt it?
Thanks for taking the time to participate in JFI. And good luck with your move.

I guess yours is the first entry for JFI - Coconut !! Nice entry and lovely write-up !

Beautiful picture of Ganesha and chutney.

Good luck on the move !

Thank you Ashwini,
its my pleasure to particpate in Jhiva event.I like this event a lot, reason is it all says about one whole ingredient which is unique in itself:-)Looking forward for round up and if possible I will try to prepare one more dish.Lets see?? :-)

Thank You Priya S&S,
to talk about pictures, your are amazing and your blog is looking greta now:-))Try this chutney , it is simple and takes almost no time to prepare if all ingredients are ready:-)

Hi Meena, I made this chutney yesterday for chapatis.I love the taste.Looks great and also Ganesha Mantap.It's in black and white!Great idea and looks good too.

Good luck with your moving to a new place and take it easy.I know moving is a lot of work.

Thank You Asha,

Iam glad you already know this chutney..I too liked it very much. About moving, if I think abt it..I feel lazy and don'nt feel like doing anything from right now;-)

Nice recipe, and you're so right about finding new recipes from fellow bloggers...no book can give you that much diversity. Good luck with the move.


Good write up Meena.
Ur coconut chutney sounds yummy.
Thx for sharing.

Hi Meena, great chutney never tried cocunut with pudina before, must taste devine....thanks for sharing....~smile~

Hi Meena, great chutney...i have not tried coconut with pudina before...must taste devine...thanks for sharing...~smile~

Thank you Trupti,

for dropping by..and thanks for you wishes regarding move.I may be bit slow..but ready to blog further recipes too..;-)

Thank You Bharghavi:-)

Thank You Dilip UK,
for dropping by and Iam glad you liked the recipe...I hope you will like the chutney when you taste once:-)

nice recipe of coconut mint chutney, my version is slightly different, i think yours taste better with sesame seeds.

I'm second to you... so many bloggers are fantastic cook and even writer. I like trying out their recipes, I don't browse bookshops too often these days.
What a beautiful photo and recipe! Hope you have an easy moving day!

very different recipe. coconut with yogurt and mint. could call it raita too :-) thanks for sharing

Thank You Gattina,
I too like lot of recipes from my friend bloggers.Nice to know that we both have same thoughts abt this:-))

Thank You Krithika,
Raitha...may be krithika..that name too sounds good for this recipe:-))

A different take on coconut chutney..
Nice write up.

Been a while, coconut chutney with a different flavour I suppose, It is looking delicious meena .Have a great weekend!

Thank You Arjuna!! Its nice to see you back...keep blogging:-))

Thank You Lera...thank you for dropping by...yes its been a while I have seen you in my blog:-))..But nice to see you again...I do visit yours frequently and admire thr recipes you blog..most of them are Iam familier with like lamb biryani...have a great weekend o u too dear! Enjoy!

Mint and coconut chutney sounds like a great combination. Great entry for JFI Meena. Happy Holidays!

Hi Meena,
I am going to try this chutney.. Adding curd to mint chutney is new to me. Great entry for JFI.Thanks

Hi Meena,

nice explanation. I tried this chutney today, it really come fantastic. Thanks for providing such a good recipe.

Hi Meena

tried this chutney today & it went very well with rava idli.....thanks for sharing a great & easy recipe.

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