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Recently Tried Fellow Bloggers Recipes

Recently I have tried few recipes of my fellow bloggers. As usual I did'nt take any photographs of those to show you all, how great was the outcome. I know, Iam Lazy...I agree a bit;-) But more than that, when ever I think of trying any new recipe..I will be very busy in collecting all the ingredients. And once I prepare the dish..Iam more busy than before to eat that and also to know the opinion of my family members and how much they are happy with the dish. Since this time too, I failed to take any photographs, I thought, I will not post any thing related to this. But sooner or later I realized that, even mentioning of recipe names which I tried and saying my opinion about them, really matters to all those who missed out to cook them, and hopefully they will give a try atleast once. So, following are the recipes which I thoroughly enjoyed (cooking as well as eating:-))
  1. The Arisiupma : When I was looking out for some different breakfast, which I have never tried and also should be easy one too cook, I got this recipe from Mahanadi. This recipe is a traditional one, which actually belongs to Janani Srinivasan from Toronto and Posted By Our Dear fellow blogger Indira. Friends this is a must try recipe. I prepared this with par boiled rice. First I made the basic ingredients, grinding parboiled rice to coarse with dry red chillies, urad dal , toor dal, peppercons and cumin seeds. You know what, I prepared this base and stored it in closed box and cooked after one week of time. It was so fresh, when I cooked the upma the taste was too good. As Indira said in her post, this can be taken as it is with out any chutneys or any other dip. Yes! It si 100% true. It was great as it is. Thank you Janani for such a nice traditional recipe and Indira for posting and making all of us known about this dish.
  2. Peas Stir Fry: This was really quick to make and enjoy any time side dish. This one I made for our evening snack with tea. This was really good. Usually, I just fry cooked peas in little oil with desired pepper and salt. It is my favourite. My mother used to give this when I come back from college. It is really a comfort food, after a long tired day. Ashwini's Peas stir Fry was more tastier than mine. So friends, just go with this when ever you really want to have some thing tasty and left with little time. Thank you Ashwini for such a nice real quick fix:-)
  3. Nutty Green Beans: This is the latest one which I have tried. When ever I prepare with beans I generally go for my recipe Beans fry for easy and healthy one. But adding some masala and groundnut powder to it really gave a zing to the taste. Thank you Manisha for such a wonderful recipe. I tried with out the Kanda Lassun masala, but added all those ingredients which are in masala powder mentioned by her. It was very good and we enjoyed with hot chapathis and rice too:-)
  4. Crisp & Brown Paper Dosa: This was another real good breakfast. We enjoyed thease dosa's for dinner. Friends with little variations I cooked them. Like I did not add besan and did not go for fermentation of dosa batter. Though it was a typo mistake by Seema, it really served as a quick dinner. Thank you Seema for clearing my doubts about fermentation. The picture of this dosa, taken by seema really makes any one to try this soon:-) More than that, to eat soon;-)
Thank You Friends for all those nice dishes. I don'nt promise this time, as I already did and did not post this recipes with picks:-( But will try to post next time, with some other intresting, new and delicious recipes of fellow bloggers with pics of course:-) Enjoy! and will be back soon with a hyderabadi traditional recipe.

Enjoy all those recipes and have a great time in India!
I will see you when come back,bye Meena and take care!:)

I also tried Manisha's nutty green beans. Loved it.

Hey! I'm glad you liked my Nutty Green Beans. It's an easy no-pain recipe and healthy, too!

I must try some of the other recipes you liked!

Meena, I am glad you tried the crisp paper dosa.

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