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mEmE (About Me, Me & Only Me)!!!

Before I start saying about myself, look at some pictures (above) taken at one of the Japanease gardens near by our place. Hope you will like them. Its a small garden, which has nothing but a pound in which some fishes, turtles and trees and couple of huts around. Though strongly not recommended for any one..my son enjoyed a lot seeing animals in the pond :-)) After all we follow kids :-(

Thank You Maneka Nirmal for tagging me!!! Meme is really a good way to know about our fellow bloggers. I really thank one who started this. Iam getting to know little about my fellow blogger friends apart from there cooking skills of which Iam aware off :-))

I am thinking about: I should blog this meme first and then go to sleep.

I said: Atlast I did some constructive work; BLOGGING!!!

I want to: Sleep early always, but hangup with blogging finally.

I wish: Every body should be happy souls!!

I regret: No regrets in life!! What ever happens, happens for good

I hear: Sprinklers started its job at late night 11.30 pm.

Iam: Very simple in dressing...You can say or I say Iam bit lazy:-)

I dance: Before my son or alone when Srinivas(my husband) is not there!!

I sing: When ever I like..now this I do before Srinivas..because I too hear him;-))

I cry: When some thing bad happens to my near and dear.

I am not: A lier.

I write: After my post graduation notes, I write recipes now for my blog:-)

I confuse: Others, when I want to say more and end up confusing them.

I need : Peace all the time.

And now its time for me to tag.....Sailaja of sailu's kitchen and Arjuna of krishna & arjuna's world.

Not only wonderful photos, but nice to know your thoughts too! You blog looks good, great job!! :)

hey meena....nice thoghts...and good photos...

I read many posts on this meme and you are the ONLY one to say that you have no regrets. It takes a big heart to say that... Congrats girl.

Nice pictures!
Thanks for tagging me Meena

Thanks to Asha, Maneka, Revathi and Arjuna for your nice words.This Meme really forced us to think about our self of few minutes and share thoughts with all other wonderful people like you.Thanks a lot!

Nice meme, Meena!

Thank you for letting us know more of your Meena. Good meme.

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