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Banana Bread Halwa

Sweet Made with Whole Wheat Bread and Banana

Wish You A Very Very Happy Dassera!! to all my readers and to my fellow blogger friends. I wish a very good and peaceful life to all of us. After a week Iam back with a sweet dish, made for this festival. Also this is my entry for Jihva for Ghee and Butter for this month october declared by Cooking Medley. Iam bit late to post this as far as jihva for october month. Since, today is the festival Iam able to blog today.I hope she will accept this entry. Thank you!!!
Coming to this recipe, I got the idea of making some sweet from bread by seeing a mouth watering picture from sailu's food blog of Bread Halwa. I can not only imagine also can feel the taste of her bread halwa. Thank you sailaja for sharing such a beautiful recipe. I also had bananas at home, ofcourse for festival, but we do get them regularly since it is good in fiber. So both bread and banana being handy..I thought of this halwa:-)) Coming to recipe....
4 slices of oatmeal whole wheat bread (can use anybread, but may vary little in taste)
1 banana
3 cups of whole milk (1 cup equal to 250ml)
1/2 cup to 3/4 th cup of sugar ( vary a/c to the desired sweetness. I used 1/2 cup may be around 125 ml)
1/4th cup of water
Few cashews, almonds and raisins(dry grapes or kishmish) for garnish
3 to 4 tsp of ghee

  1. Mash banana and keep aside.
  2. Make small pieces of bread slices and fry them till brown in color in 2 tsp of ghee in a wide non stick pan. Make sure they are not burned. Keep them a side.
  3. In the same pan add 1/2 cup of sugar to the 3 cups of milk and water as mentioned in the ingredients.
  4. Allow milk to boil. Once it starts boiling, add mashed banana and mix well. Allow to cook for few minutes.
  5. Now add bread pieces to it and allow to boil. Since bread absorbs milk fast, overflowing of milk from the container can be avoided soon by just keeping it open till the bread absorbs the milk.
  6. After that, cover the pan and allow to cook on medium heat.
  7. Meanwhile, prepare for garnishing the dish. Heat 1 or 2 tsp of ghee in a small different container, and fry all the nuts and rasins till they turn light brown in color and keep them aside.
  8. It took 25 minutes for me to cook this dish. Cook till the halwa separates from the container. Just before removing from the heat add all fried nuts and raisins along with ghee into this halwa and mix well.
  9. In between cooking time, do mix the halwa frequently to avoid any burning.

Sweet Made with Whole Wheat Bread and Banana and Curd Rice with pepper Tempering

Note: Serve this dish warm in cold wheather or cook when you are watching an intresting movie and want to have this halwa. Hope you will all like as I did very much:-))

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Hi Meena,

I was looking for something just like this the other day when I had some really ripe bananas. Will save it for the next ones. Thanks for sharing, looks delicious!

the bread halwa lookks great. i'll save it for a cold day!

meena, It's a nice choice , so easy to make and yet lip smackingly delicious...:)

Thank you Linda, Lera and Mandira...Iam sure you will all like this..yeah, its quite easy to make just takes little time for cooking which can be done along with some other work..like watching a movie for instance;-)

I too want to try Sailu's bread halwa. Yours is a good adaptation. Thanks for sharing

Banana bread halwa looks delicious Meena. Haven't tried something like this and thanks for the recipe.

Thank you krithika, for your nice words..yeah sailu's was too good..do give a try..iam sure you will like both the recipes:-))

Thank you prema,
I wish you will like this bread and banana halwa.Enjoy!!

Wish you a very happy Dasara Meena.
Thats a great entry for JFI. Thanks for sharing.

I came here yesterday, to the old post!! now you have a new yummy sweet! It's Banana pudding Indian style!:)) Looks delicious!!I hope she will add this for the ghee round up!!

Happy Dasara to your family!!

nice recipe, haven't tried , will sure sometime later.

Thank you for this recipe Meena, sounds really different from the bread halwa i am used to, this is even more interesting with the added banana and all.

thank you shilpa,Asha,lakshmi and archana for all your nice words.Hope you will all like this dish and wish you all happy dasserra once again:-))

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