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mEmE (Five Things To Eat Before I Die !!)

Writing some thing about our self in previous Meme was like digging into self and sharing with all wonderful people. Now again I got chance to say some thing about food I like to eat before I die...again very difficult, yet got a chance to think for my future :-))

Are you thinking, what your seeing..???..No.No..I will not be satisfied with just thease small amount of food.This picture is from my next post. I read many post on Food meme. Every one's was quite intresting and really took me back to my child hood days where I just use to enjoy my mom's cooking.I miss her cooking a lot..ofcourse her too:-))

Here comes my list----

CHICKEN BIRYAANI: The one which my mom cooks. I just love the aroma, which comes while cooking itself...I could imagine now that Iam having a mouthfull of biryaani rice. Hmmmmm...which I enjoy when ever I visit my mother's place.

KHEEMA SAMOSAS: I just love them. I remember, on my birthday every year my mom use to cook this for me. Me, Me and Only Me !!! I think every one of us like that special attention given to us on that perticular day.

KOVA GULAB JAMUNS: They are soo soft, just melts as you keep into your mouth. I love my home made gulab jamuns, also the one made at marriages using kovaa. I can have them any time...I can just make out the taste difference very easily, which one is the best. This shows how much I love them:-))

DAHI PURI: At Gokul Chaat...only at Gokul Chaat at Koti, Hyderabad. Here Iam giving free advertisement for Gokul Chaat (LOL). Truely speaking..it does'nt need any..atleast for people from hyderabad or who knew hyderabad very well. Hope I can prepare them at home with the same taste and same chutney one day.

PURI IN MANGO RASAM: Last in the list, but not in mine:-)) This combo, I remeber it when ever I make puri's at home. It was a must at my mom's place, in every summer with sweet ripe mangoes. Taking out mango rasam from mangos with hand and collecting in a bowl. Mixing little milk and little ghee on top and having with hot hot puri's. It's a heaven.


I love to prepare all above listed at my home, and serve to all my friends(including you all) and my family members ofcourse. Thank You Arjuna for tagging me for this meme. I really went back to my mom's place and into my child hood memories for some time. It was a quite good experience.

I tag Chandrika(AkshayaPatra),Manisha(Indian Food Rocks) and Priya(Sugar'n'Spice).

Wow! meena,you've got all mouthwatering dishes listed in a line...Nice to know about your fav's.

Meena! you big tease!! Tempting us with photo of next post! :))

Looking at all your favs my mouth is watering, specially Biryani! You should post it when you make it next time for us!!

You forgot say who tagged you..
Hope you get to see your mom soon!! :)) Thanks for playing!!

Thank you Lera and Asha,

I knew you enjoyed reading about those mouthwatering dishes..I deffinetely blog them one by one as I prepare at home.Asha..I mentioned that Arjuna has tagged me and I tagged Chandrika,Manisha and Priya of sugar and spice

Hi Meena,
I love chicken biriyani too.. puri in mango rasam is new to me. nice to read ur favourite 5.

Meena your list sounded delicious..gokul chat mmmm mmm mmm I absolutely love that place too

I think I might have guessed your next post..is it mango rasam??

Will look forward for the rest of the recipes..

Thank you Arjuna and Prema for reading my meme..yeah those are all my fav's..all time!! hmmm..keep guessing arjuna..I will post my recipe soon:-))

First of all thanks for tagging me and leaving a comment on my blog, and about Meme, just by reading itself ..my mouth is watering, Biryani, Kheema Samosas and ya..gokul chat bhandar really we miss it Meena.

Meena, I've posted my 5 must-eats. Thanks for tagging me! Take a look whenever you get a few moments!

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