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Moodu Pappula Dosa (Triple Lentils Dosa)

As I said in my Mooli Paratha post, that I learned some couple of dishes from a good cook. One I posted i.e., mooli paratha and another one is Moodu Pappula Dosa, which Iam blogging today. I heard before, that with many combos of pappulu or dal's different dosa's can be made. Every combo has its own taste I think. Because, when I tasted this one it was quite different unlike dosa yet very tasty. I hope you will all like too. Another speciality of this dosa is, it does'nt require any marination time, which is perfect for weekends for a quick dish. With no delay here I go...(This measurement is for 2 to 3 people and comes for 2 days breakfast, since its quite heavy unlike regular dosa) Though different appetites has different measurement :-))

Pesarpappu 1 cup (moong dal)
Minapappu 1 cup ( urad dal )
Chenagapappu 1 cup (chenna dal )
Menthulu a pinch (fenugreek seeds)
Small size ginger 1
Dry red chillies 10 no's( can reduce as per taste)
Dhaniyaalu 1tbsp or (can use dhaniya powder which should be equal to 1 tbsp dhaniyaalu when powdered)
Jeera 1tsp
Coriender(Fresh) 1/4 cup
Salt as per taste (my measurement is 1 to 1 1/2 tsp)

  1. Soak 3 dals over night (or else if you want to make same day, soak for 3 hrs). More soaked , more soft as usual. But there will be no change in taste. I tried both ways, and both were good.
  2. Grind menthulu(fenugreek seeds), red chillies, ginger, Dhaniyalu and Jeera(cumin seeds) togeather.
  3. Grind dals in small amounts along with above mixture plus salt and coriender(add little water if needed).
  4. After batter is ready, heat thawa and spread like dosa and oil all around as needed. This will be little thicker than regular dosa, which makes stomach full soon :-)
  5. Serve hot with any chutney or just like that.

Note: This dosa taste's at its best, when it is served hot. Enjoy!!

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The dosa looks great..it sounds more like adai..im gonna try this version of dosa soon meena..Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe..

YAY!! I'm first! Very healthy dish you have posted this time, Meena! Yummy !! Could you post a good chutney to go with it, please pretty please!!Thanks.. :D

Thank you sudhav,
iam unaware of adai..If it is in your blog I will check it other wise do post it.Iam sure you will love this.

Thank you Asha,
It seems you love dosa's..just like me.Asha to be frank when ever I prepare this we eat priya pickel along with it.I fell some thing spicy would do better.You can try kaaram too which your familier now:-))..Priya's Ginger mango pickel will go well.Just give a try.

Hi Meena,
Healthy Dosa!!!without Rice!!!!Very nice. I think this dish is very good for diet. Thanks for sharing.

This is somewhat similar to Adai. But we use rice in our adai. Here is my post on it
http://manpasand.blogspot.com/2006/07/spinach-adai.html. Your version looks good. Thanks for sharing

Thank you krithika for visiting my blog..I have just seen your adai link..yeah it is some what similar to this dosa..but yours seems to be more healthier than me..it contains spinach, veges and lentils...some thing very healthy..thanks for sharing.I will that for sure.

Thank you MT,

yeah it healthy and satifies our empty stomach soon:-))

Nice dosas Meena. I think I have tried this combo once, and absolutely loved. Will follow your recipe next time.

This is similar to a type of adai but usually we do without channa dal. Adai goes well jus' with jaggery. Will try this version.

Dosas look great Meena! I have tried these a few years ago at my peddamma's place..somehow forgot about them completely, your post took me back to those days..

I just came to know about adai from krithika and sudhav; now from you .Glad to know abt it.Thank you


after long time doing some thing again will definetely refresh our memories as well as enjoy the food too.Iam sure you will enjoy them again.Thank you!

Hi meena,
dosa looks nice.. we call this adai...thanks for the recipe

Thank you prema,
Now iam very much familier with adai too..:-))

this sounds very similar to my mom's adai. hmm. haven't made it in a while. thanks for jogging the memory.

Happy to know that. Thank you shaheen

That's a different recipe, Meena. It will surely come in handy when I am cleaning up the kitchen cabinets. :) Plus, it's healthy too.

Meena! saw your comment of not knowing with pumpkin event. Make something with pumpkin and send to Meeta's before 21st. Yes, in 2 days, so HURRY!!! :D :D

MY FOOD MEME is up, take a look!!

Hi there, I like your blog! Nice recipe it looks yummy :) Feel free to visit my blog too :)

Click here for jeenas food recipe blog :-)

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