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Creamy Strawberry Treat

A glass of Strawberry Juice with Fresh Strawberries

A Very Happy Diwali to all my readers and my fellow bloggers. I have visited all my fellow bloggers sites...they are excel in there work as usual:-)...Sorry folks I could not mail any sweet or snaak on this occasion also anable to participate in Vee's Jhiva-Diwali's event. Hope I could participate. But I try to make for another Jhiva event. This time again its time for me and many of readers and fellow bloggers to celebrate this diwali with lot of sweets available at Vee's event.Have a look them...:-))

For this event...all I could post is this simple strawberry drink which I made for my son long ago. Remember Sooji-Banana Cake, I used Vanilla Whipping Cream and Chocolate Heavy Cream for decoration. There was leftover of thease creams till yesterday. I tried to mix thease two along with some milk and fresh strawberries, instead of just serving strawberry juice to my son. The result was yummy.....Here goes the recipe.

2 tsp of Vanilla Whipping Cream
1 tsp of Heavy Chocolate Frosting
1 tsp sugar (optional..I added to make it more sweet for my son:-))
1/2 cup whole milk ( or low fat milk)
1 cup of fresh strawberries

  1. Add every thing into the blender and little water if desired.
  2. Blend all togeather on high speed for 1 to 2 minutes.
  3. The result is creamy, delicious strawberry milky shake or call it as creamy juice or treat.
Note: My other variations are..you can try with some other berries too or with apple instead by changing the ratio of creams according to the like and dislike of flavours. I hope you will like this simple drink, especially for children..I did this for my son excluding me and my husband..you know for what:-))

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Hey Meena! As long as you enjoy the festive season, who cares what you made or didn't make, eh?!

A very Happy Diwali to you, your husband and your darling son!

My husband is great fan of this and we have this for breakfast every weekend. Except the choclate frosting part!!.. Now that is a novel idea.

Thanks for participating and have a happy diwali!!!

remember,you have to mail the link and the photograph to me to participate!!

Happy Diwali!!

Great looking dessert!

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