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Sooji & Banana Cake (From Fellow Blogger)!!

Yummy!!! I just wanted to try this or I can say I decided to give a try when I saw this cake recipe in Shilpa's blog Aayi's Recipes. You can find step by step procedure here. Though I also taken photos step by step, Iam not posting it because complete credit goes to her. Thank you shilpa for sharing such an easy and very tasty cake recipe. Every body at my home and one of my friends also loved this cake a lot:-)) Those who did not give a try yet..do give!!..Trust me friends its real tasty. My friend and my family members could not believe that it was made with sooji( ravva). I gave my touch to this cake by decorating it with vanilla and chocolate Betty Crocker's frosting cream also I used 2 long bananas instead of three which is in actual recipe. Next time Iam going to try with three bananas. Still the result was tooo yummy!!

Steps For Icing or Decoration:
was quite much inspired by the cake preparation and respective designs on the cake from Archana's blog. Do check , different cakes in her blog...you will just love them all. Not much like her, since I have some idea of preparing cakes which I did some in my childhood and learned from my mother. To name few of them..Pineapple cake, Chocolate cake, Vanilla cake..etc. Now since this generation is in weight reducing race (in which Iam one among them:-) we are avoiding lot of sweets and cakes. But they become exceptional on festivals or birthdays:-)) Iam Happy!!! So away from weight reducing race for some time, I did this cake ......

  1. I used Heavy Dark Chocolate frosting to cover the whole cake except base. Since it is very heavy I did not use for writting up or designing on the cake.
  2. For that designing and writting up, I used The Lightest & Fluffiest Whipped Vanilla Frosting.
  3. To give a lovely touch to the heart on the cake , I used a small piece of straw berry(You can see in the above pic)
  4. Finally, to give some colors, I used some colorful candiles (Irrespective of any age group, which you can do a/c to the occassion and age group)
  5. Once the cake is cut, that final small piece was very delicious to eat
Note: Do any icing or decoration on the cake only after it cools down to the room temperature. I did after half-an-hour. And I, my family members and my friends could enjoy the cake for next 3 days. It was yummy all over:-)) Enjoy cakes in this beautiful festive mood..coming days are thanks giving and christmas celebrations...In advance Happy Thanks Giving and Merry Christmas to all my readers and friends.Enjoy!!

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WOW!! 2 cakes at one time!! On a cake binge??!! :)) Looks good and love chocolate one!!Good job!!

Wow..the cake looks superb Meena. I can bake cakes, but can't decorate it :(. I fail in that pathetically every time. Thanks for linking to my post dear. I am very happy that you liked it :).

Very nice effort Meena...

wow good looking cakes.. wish i would have a bite of it.

Thank you Asha!

Thank you shilpa for you nice words and happy to klnow that you liked design!

Thank you Ashwini!

Thank you prema...you can hace whole cake:-))

Hey your cake looks yummy and scrumptous!! But could u tell me what sooji is?? You can peep into my Holiday Blog for some cool and unique recipies, gift and vacation ideas......

thank you Sean Carter for dropping by at my blog...Iam glad you loved this cake....Sooji which we use for making upma..we call upma ravva and easily available in indian stores ...I get course ravva and used the same one..you also get fine ravva too...But I preffer corased one so that when you have a bite of cake..You really will not able to make any difference between another cakes and this cake.You have got a nice blog and great work going on thanks for sharing..And will sure visit your blog for sending any greeting to friends some time/..happy thanks giving holidays:-)

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