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Dryfruits Sesame Bar (Dryfruits Til Chikki)

Black Sesame Seeds & Dryfruits(Baadam,Kaaju and Kishmish) Jaggery Chikkis

This recipe is adopted from TarlaDalal's Calcium Rich Recipes. As soon as I read this recipe, I was very much eager to try this out. Because, it is rich in calcium and very much good for growing children. Also, the recipe was very simple to try out. So why late?? With little variations in the recipe (or in correct words, I used some extra ingredients, to make it more rich in calcium as well as in taste). This is also another entry to the Jhiva For Jaggery, going to be hosted by Kay of "Towards A Better Tomprrow". Actual version name was Badaam Til Chikki. Since I added kaaju and kishmish (another two dryfruits), I renamed it as "Dryfruits Til Chikki". Sesame seeds, one of the ingredients in this recipe, is rich in calcium. I.e., is the reason for choosing this ingredient. You can read more about sesame seeds and black sesame seeds here. The another main ingredient used here is Jaggery or Gud or Bellam. This is used from ages in Indian culture especially for preparing sweets. It contains not only calcium, but also protiens, vitamins, iron etc. So here I go with the recipe....Before that A Very Happy Thanks Giving Holidays to all my readers and fellow bloggers. Iam going on a short trip on this vacation. I will be missing all your daily post for thease few days...but I will return with same enthusiasm, with which Iam ready to go for trip:-)) and will return with lot more traditional, religious and other intresting recipes to blog. And will catch you all at..Kay's Jhiva event for Jaggery. Happy Holidays!! Enjoy!!

Jaggery or Gud or Bellam 3/4th cup
Black Sesame seeds or Nalla Nuvvulu 1/2 cup
Dryfruits 1/4 cup (mixture of Baddam, Kaaju & Khishmish)
3tsp Ghee (I used cow ghee)
Little water (If required)

  1. Grate Jaggery and keep aside.
  2. Grind or grate dryfruits too and keep aside (as shown in above pic)
  3. Roast sesame seeds till they turn into light golden color (which acutually not much visible as golden color, but can find out when they start changing color, so roast for few minutes)
  4. Roast dryfruits too, separately not with sesame seeds. Allow to cool them both.
  5. Take a flat plate or on any flat surface, grease it with 1 tsp of ghee.
  6. Heat 2 tsp of ghee in a container, and add grated Jaggery to it. Stir continously, untill it melts completely and should become thick enough for makking chikkis. Just as we do for sugar syrup. But see that, If you put a drop in the syrup it should form a hard ball.
  7. Remove from the heat and add roasted sesame seeds and dryfruits and mix well.
  8. While the jaggery melts, if you think the syrup is less for making chikkis, add 1/4th cup of water and heat till syrup consistency. Or elase can take little more jaggery if needed.
  9. Pour the above mixture on the greases surface and roll with greased rolling pin. (Here I greased the chapathi making pin with little ghee and rolled over the mixture)
  10. Cut them into diamond or square or any other desired shape after it cools down. Healthy, rich in calcium Chikkis are ready to serve for children or any body as a snak or a sweet:-)

Note: Out of this praportion, I got 20'no chikki's. If you make more than store in a airtight container for long freshness.

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Those look too good. Thanx for sharing.

Me first again:))

I always loved peanut chikkis in India.Your's is so healthy and looks full of fruit and delicious.
Yummy. Your son is lucky,mom is such a great cook:)

Enjoy,happy Thanksgiving.

Thanyou..pushpa..you have got a very good blog with lot of good recipes.Your sponge icecream and tutty fruity buist's r too good..thanks for sharing them:-)

Thank you Asha...for always being there to leave comment ..it really gives me lot of encouragement....As far as me being a good mother...I fell equally same for you and your children..convey my best wishes to them ...thank you dear and have a great holidays..:-))

i love the pics, nice and gleaming jet black chikkis!

Meena, u always comeup with something unusual. I loved your chikki. Thanks for sharing

YUM!! very nice recipe for JFI. Love the idea of adding dry fruits & Nuts.

Hi meena
my mom used to make something called 'ellu urundai ' for vinayaka chaturthi, without the dry fruits . these chikkis remind me of that and they lokk great...

Hi Meena, so nice chiklis you prepared, nice recipe.

hey meena:
i luv chikkies and have tried out goundnut and coconut chikkies ...never tried this one ...will definately go for a try and i am sure its very healthy too

Hi Meena,

Thanks for participating in Jihva Jaggery with this wonderful, nutritious entry. I am also a big chikki fan.:)

Thank You Sra..give a try they are easy to make and easy and nutritious to have:-))

Thank You priya S&S,
yeah...adding dry fruits does increase its nutritious value!

Thank You Prema...Iam sure you will love them when you have them one:-)

Thank You Lakshmi:-)

Thank You Seema...sure you will like thease nuts too:-))..hey coconut chikkies sounds good...let me give a try:-)

Thank You Indira,

Iam happy to see your comment in my blog for first time.Thanks for starting this wonderful Jihva event..I rarely eat chikkis..I like sesame chikkis than jaggery or others! But this chikki with dryfruits loved it:-)

my wife tried making it, but chikki was not crispy as what you see in shops in Lonavala, it turned out semi hard.

any tips??does quality of jaggery matter? or cooking time of jaggery
please comment

Thank You Dr.Hemanth ur wife gave a try to make this.Iam glad to hear that. But also equally little sad that they did not turn up as u liked. Basically I have taken this recipe from tarla dalal site.This is recommended for children. THey are very thin chikkis unlike we get outside.May be beacuse of that or try to fry jaggery for little more time and try this time.I hope now they will turn good.When I prepared they were little soft as u said. But I was happy as they turned out because my son could eat them easily:-).Do let me know when u try again....thanks a lot in advance.Good luck to u and ur wife.And happy new year to ur family and ur self.

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