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Egg Dosa (Egg Double Toast) & Jaggery Dosa (Gud Dosa/Bellam Dosa)

LEFT: Jaggery/Gud/Bellam Dosa RIGHT: Egg Dosa

Gud Dosa or Jaggery Dosa and Egg dosa were our breakfast yesterday. They both are easy in a way, can be prepared on finger tips:-) Jaggery Dosa and Egg Dosa, I prepared using regular Atta flour or Wheat Flour. But both can also be prepared with actual dosa batter. I prepared once, egg dosa was heavy and superb, but jaggery dosa with actual dosa batter did'nt turp up that well. But as soon as I try next time and taste it...I will blog that too. Now coming to this breakfast, Gud Dosa or Jaggery Dosa is my entry to the JFI Jaggery going to host by Kay of Towards A Better Tomorrow. Thank You Kay, being a busy mother, took this work to do a round up. I appriciate it very well and wish you all the best:-) I will re-post again on dec 1st a/c to her rules. Anyways...coming to recipes, here I go...
LEFT: Batter of Jaggery Dosa RIGHT: Batter of Egg Dosa

Ingredients For Egg Dosa:
1 egg (raw)
little less than 1/4th cup wheat flour
1 tbsp milk (or less/more as required)
Salt a/c to taste
Chilli Powder 1/4th tsp or less (a/c to your spice taste)

Mix all the ingredients with the help of desired milk into thick batter just like we do for uttapam. Make sure the pan you use is wider so that the dosa cooks well. You can also make two dosas, out of this batter. It takes little more time than an omlette to be cooked. Since it becomes double in size, the batter should spread into thin circle on the pan. Spray oil on the pan and then spread this batter. Cook both sides well and serve hot with tomato ketchup or any tomato chutney. It was like double bread toast with one big omllette:-) Important thing to remember is don'nt add any water..just use milk for making batter.

Ingredients For Jaggery Dosa:
1/4th cup fine grated Jaggery/Gud/Bellam (or as required can increase or decrease amount)
1/4th cup wheat flour
1 tsp roasted sesame seeds/Nuvvulu
Water as required

Mix all above ingredeints except sesame seeds to make a dosa batter with the help of required water. Mix untill, Jaggery or Gud or Bellam competely dessolves into the batter. Heat the pan, spray oil and spread this batter on the pan. Make sure the circle should be little thick, not like regular dosa. Since we use jaggery here, to avoid it from sticking to the pan, the spread of batter should be small, so that the dosa becomes little thick. Spray sesame seeds on both the sides before the dosa is cooked. i.e., when one side is almost cooked, before turning to another side, spray sesame seeds and press them into the dosa with wooden stick (or which ever your using to make dosas) Reapeat the same other side too. Remove from heat & have when it is warm. With the touch of sesame seeds, the Jaggery Dosa was too tasty:-))

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I am catching you first before everybody else for a change!:))

Sweet and savory dosas look great! Bet your son gobbled all that sweet dosa!!Enjoy..

hi meena, bellada dosa looks like holige/puran poori:) my hubby loves everything sweet... so will give it a try even though im not a big fan of sweet things:) and once again gr8 presentation.

sweet and spicy dosas together.. i like the jaggery version.

What an attractive composition in your first picture! And thanks for showing the batter, it's very useful for me, a novice in making Indian food.
Me too, I love jaggery version!

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