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Okra Bake (Bendakaaya Bake)

Okra and Tomatoes Baked Dish

Few weeks back, we three went to our usual bookstore called "Barnes and Noble". We do visit other book stores too like "Borders". But apart from our choice, my son loves to visit B&N. Because, he has got lot of freedom over there, to choose his own books, irrespective of choice, size and language. Any book which appeals to the eyes my darling 18 months old son, is his choice. He gets freedom there, which his mom, i.e., me don'nt give at home, by restricting him from touching many things:-)) I think, this happens to all those poor toddlers, for whom, home is very little place to explore new things and do trial & error. Ending this mother and son, daily story and switching back to the world of food, I was going through some cook book for diabetics. I really don'nt remember the author, since I was just giving a glance, I found some recipes in that book, of which most of them are baked one's. Since, it has less oil, less cholesterol and all suitable for diabetics. Now a days it has become a big problem. Because other than family history of diabetics, it can attack to any body irrespective of age bar, say from 10 yr old to 90 yr old. So, it has become necessary to take lot of precautions for our good health. In that perticular book I found this simple recipe of Okra ("Bendakaaya" or "Lady Finger" or "Bendhi"). I even don'nt remember the ingredients, the author mentioned. So, I just added my flavours to it. It is easy to cook and you need to use your hands almost "No"!! Since, it is a baked dish. And this is my entry to the Saffron Trail's WBB#7 Baking For BreakFast! As our friend Nandita said "Explore baking with any thing like sweet, Savoury, Spicy etc...". My okra Bake comes under Spicy options. This goes best in breakfast with chapathis or parathas, also easy and fast to prepare for busy morning:-) So lets go to the recipe....

1 lb Okra (Bendakaaya)
2 medium sized Tomatoes
1 big Onion
1 to 2 tsp Chilli powder
1 tsp Coriander powder
1tsp Turmeric powder
Salt as per required
oil (use low cholesterol spray oil ) I use palm spray oil


  1. Wash, top and trail the okra, cut into 1cm in pieces.
  2. Cut tomatoes and onions into small pieces.
  3. Mix all ingredients and keep in the baking sheet, spray oil from the top as shown above.
  4. Preheat oven for 10 to 15 minutes on 350 F.
  5. Bake for 1/2 hr to 40 minutes on 350F, until okra and tomatoes are cooked well.
  6. Stir in between to avoid burning.
  7. Serve hot with chapathis.
Note: The day I baked this dish, from then onwards when ever I get okra, I bake it. Every time I bake this dish, my son & my husband have it, almost, before I serve chapathis. They taste great as it is and can be served as side dish too.

My Variations: You can add other masala or spices to this dish. Onions are optional. I baked okra once with onions and once without onions. Both were yummy and little crispy.

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Baked bandakaya looks easy and yummy.. Thanks for sharing this healthy recipe.

I love your recipe. Very nice way of making Okra or Bhindi. The bhindi we get here is not so good. I think baking is a better ways to deal with those kind of okra. :-)

Thanks for the recipe.


I too loved going to B&N with Sahil..now we go to its Canadian counterpart-Chapters..its so much fun!
Your recipe looks delightful,by the way.Anything baked and not fried is worth trying!


Excellent post , Meena! As usual you gave a homely dish which I can cook!:)

Looks great Meena. I love any dish with bhindi. Never tried baking it....Will try it soon.

Hi meena ..i never tried baking okra..ur recipe is intresting..will try it soon

Hello Meena,

First time posting here.The dish looks great.When I was in the US,we used to visit B&N too!me and hubby are both book-lovers, though now my daughter does not allow me to read books...

One more question,how do you do the copyright of your photos(the way you have gotten KANDLAKUTI inscribed on your photos?

Keep the recipes coming!

Thank You Pavani!

Yeah! Nidhi...If bendhi is not so good, this is the best way to go for I think so..beacuase you just need to wash them properly, no need to wipe them as a general practice I do while cooking bendhi.Good luck:-)

Thank You Trupti,
and good luck and best wishes to you dear Sahil:-)

Thank you Asha...being a mother of two kids..I think such recipes will help in busy times...hope you will like it:-)

Thank You Shilpa..go for it..it is very easy dish:-) You can add your maslas as needed

Thank you HariPriya..hope you will like this:-)

Thank You for dropping by here!..have a look at all dishes of mine..Do give a try when ever you get a chance..or want to take one:-) Iam sure u will like them all...I too visited your site..good job going on:-)..Keep blogging. Vini, answer to your question regarding the name I print ion photos is...Water Mark, which is created in photoshop. You need to know little abt photoshop before proceeding. If u are aware of it already..then go a head:-)all the best.

hi meena,
you have a very nice blog here...the baked okra looks good and I will surely try because it seems pretty effortless and healthy too
Look forward to see your baking dish in Nandita's WBB

hey meena,
i have always tried fried okra but never baked one... so this one im surely gonna try and will let u know how it turns out

okras are such a versatile veggie but somehow i thot it won't take well to baking.hmm so now i gotto try that.

Thank you sia..for dropping by my blog.I have seen your cooking and other blog too..they both are good.Great job..and hey all the best for you new job which is awaiting for you..good luck girl:-))

Thank you Shaheen,
try this one out..I asure you u will love to bake okra all the times..as Iam doing now:-)..hey don'nt forget to tell me when you give a try.:-)

hey meena, thanks a lot dear for ur wishes... im enjoying my new job... its been almost 3 weeks since i started:)

Hi Meena,

Easy, breezy and tasty...perfect for ppl like me who like to cook with minimum effort...thanks so much!

Supriya H

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