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Methi Roti with Fresh Curd

Methi roti is a simple yet healthy dish for breakfast or lunch or dinner. They are not only easy to prepare also will stay fresh for 2 to 3 days (no need to store in refrigerator). They taste great with any 'hot' chutney i.e., spicy. Also goes well with fresh curd. With out any delay here is my recipe for methi roti's also for fresh home made low fat curd, since I got some request from Pavani of Cook's Hideout and Shaheen of Malabar Spice's for detail method post on setting curd.

Ingredients For Methi Roti:
2 cups of wheat flour
1 1/2 tsp salt (or as per taste)
1 1/2 tsp chillipowder
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
2 bunches of fresh fenugreek leaves( preferably small leaves bunch)
oil for cooking (little oil required to make roti's)
water for making dough (preferably warm water)

Method For Making Methi Roti's:
  1. Separate fenugreek leaves from the bunches, and wash them well in the cold water.
  2. Cut them very small as much as possible.
  3. Take flour in a wide and depth mixing bowl. Add salt, fenugreek leaves, chillipowder, turmeric powder and 2 to 3 tsp of oil.
  4. Mix well all above ingredients with the flour and make a dough like you make for chapathis with warm water.
  5. Set aside for 15 minutes.
  6. Heat tawa( or pan for making chapathis). Meanwhile divide dough into equal portions a/c to the size you desire to make a roti ( I made little bigger than the round we make generally for pulka).
  7. Take a round and make a flat round like pulka and with little oil cook on tawa, on both the sides well by maintaining medium heat all through. (they should be cooked well, so that they stay fresh for couple of days, if you are making in lots)
  8. Repeat with other rounds too. Now have them hot or cold with any chutney or fresh curd. You will enjoy.
Note: I like methi rotis' to have them just like that with out any chutney or pickle:-)) They taste great even next couple of days too.

Before giving you detail method for setting curd at home, I would like to say some simple points to remember. I use, 1% reduced fat organic milk for setting curd, which taste little less sweeter than 2% reduced fat milk. As we all knew whole milk taste great as per the taste is concerned. So its upto your choice to choose any kind of milk, irrespective of that, the method is same for all. Here I go...

Method For Setting Curd:
  1. Heat milk in a container till they boils well. i.e., once they boil and are raised till up of the container, reduce the heat and stir milk with a spoon and allow to boil again for few more minutes.
  2. See that they don'nt change color from white to some what pinkish. Also see that the base does'nt burn. So select clean container, preferably always use the same one for setting curd. ( I use always the same container for setting curd to avoid any bad smell or breaking of milk while boiling, which can happen if containers are not cleaned well once in a while).
  3. Now remove from heat, and allow it to cool down for a while. This is first important step to remember for setting curd. Milk should me so warm that you should be able to put your fingure in the milk. If you remove it immmedietly i.e., unable to put your fingure any longer that means milk should cool down to further less temperature.
  4. In winter, milk can be little more warmmer than usual one.
  5. Second step is, take 1/4th tsp of left over curd or little less than that also is ok. Mix in the milk ready to set for curd, by taking little milk in the same teaspoon and mix that curd with milk using your finger and later mix in the container with rest of the milk very well.
  6. Now close the container i.e., airtight and keep in the warm place preferably oven. Set oven to warm setting and keep this container in it, for overnight or atleast upto 6 to 8 hrs by checking after 6 hrs once in a while. This is to avoid tangy taste. (''pullaga antaru kada telugulo adi'')
  7. Remove from oven and refregerate immmedietly if not using then for fresh and chilled curd to have later.
  8. The fresh home made curd is ready:-))
Note: In summer you may not need an oven. But in cold regions, you may need always. In India, we never need any ovens to set curd. But here I always use oven to set curd to avoid any accidents...You know accidents can occur any time;-)) I hope this post on setting curd is helpful to many of you. Thease are results of my trial 'n' error methods when I came to United States:-))

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Thanks a lot for taking time to explain the process so nicely. Am going to try it ur way.Also, ur methi parothas looks grreat. my son loves these "spicy green parotta"(as he calls it)

thnx for sharing.i haven`t tried this brfore ..i should give it a try.Have u benn to my blog!!!

Hi Meena, nice pix. Nice post on curds, I was planning one, but you beat me to it! When I want really thick curds from skimmed milk, I boil the milk from beginning to end only on low heat, reduce it by a fourth of the volume, let it cool and then set it!

Methi roti looks great Meena! Very healthy food indeed..

Thank you Meena for a detailed explanation about making low-fat curd. I was planning to try and make some today and this is going to be very helpful. Will let you know how it turned out tomorrow. Thanks again.

Methi paranthas look yum ! Thanks for the detailed curd making instructions.

thank you shaheen and pavani..i hope this method will be helpful to u both to set curd ....do tell me does it worked...thank you.

thank you haripriya ans sra for visiting my blog..i have visited respective blogs they are good..happy blogging!!

thank you arjuna,
yeah not only healthy also taste great:-))

thank you krithika,
i hope it will be helpful for you too...:-)

I made the curd last night and it came out perfect.. Thank you for the detailed instructions. The only thing I did different is I turned off the oven after couple of hours and it still set well. Thanks again.

I love methi rotis, we tend to have it for lunch or sunday breakfast. Yes goes great with homemade curd.

If you like methi, please visit my blog, i have posted a recipe.


I tried to prepare curd as per the steps mentioned by you, and it really came out very nicely.
Thanks a lot!


I just wanted to say that I love methi ki roti but not with wheat flour. I really believe that it tastes much better with corn flour.


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