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Fruit Custard

Custard Served With Fresh Fruits Namely: Apples,Bananas and Grapes

Fruit Custard is the easy one on the earth among sweets I think. Yeah!..even you think so. I knew that. Then why to blog?? The answer is simple..because I like it:-)) It really gave lot of comfort while enjoying this one. Actually speaking in true words..I made this for my son, who love fruits a lot, but not much in favour of sweets. Some times for his healthy fat requirement I make sweets for him. Stories about children just goes on, on & on....But always love to listen to their stories. So coming to this sweet, unlike traditional preparation, it is cooked in oven, just in 10 minutes. This was suggested my one of my friends, Chaaru. Thank you Chaaru..it was a delight. As she said I bought Jello-0 Custrad pack and made a/c to the instructions. You can always choose traditional method. But the one my mother used to make is more richer and tastier than this. But If you speak in terms of fat, calories..etc, etc.,....then better to go for this:-)

You Need:

Any Custard Ready Pack (I used Jello-O Custard) (As you all can see in the above pic)
3 cups of milk (low fat milk for Diet Conscious & Whole milk for Children&sweet lovers for best results)
A whole cup of Fresh Fruits a/c to your choice (I preffered- Bananas, Apples and Grapes)
An Egg (optional--Add in the mixture before boiling, If you want more rich custard) (I did not add)
Sugar (optional ---If you want more sweet than go for it a/c to your taste) (I did not add, but still very yummy!)

Micro Oven Method:

  1. In a micro oven based container (always choose glass or thick plastic oven based but not thin plastic, since they are not good for health), take 3 cups of milk and mix the Ready Custard Powder in to that. See it is mixed well.
  2. Cook in micro oven about 10 minutes or untill the mixture comes to full boiling.
  3. In between cooking time, for every 3 minutes stir into the mixture to avoid any lumps formation.
  4. Allow to cool the mixture to the room temperature by sttiring in between. Remember, as it cools down it becomes more thick.
  5. Once it comes down to room temperature, store in the fridge for 1hr. And finally while serving, add your favourite fresh fruits and serve.
Note: After few hours in the fridge, the custard becomes more thick and very cool. In this winter for children or of any body best is...just warm the custard say about 30 to 40 sec and add fruits and serve. (Which I did for my son and my self:-)) Traditional method is also mentioned on the pack like micro oven method.

My Variations: You can add chocolate cream or fresh home made cream on the top of the custard and serve. My mother used add fresh home made cream i.e., taken above from the milk which is formed, after the milk is boiled and cool down.

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your picture looks great! BTW, micro-oven method sounds quite good.Thanks meena! happy weekend!

Sure the custard looks rich & yummy...nice post.

What a great photography Meena! Bet your son loved this dish!:)) Thank you for this recipe..

Thank you Lera,
yeah! it is prepared in just 10minutes. Happy weekend to you too Lera:-)

Thank You Jayshree:-)

Thank You Asha,

if you have'nt tried this yet, then go for it..Iam sure your son & daughter will also love this:-)

Looks too beautiful to eat!!! Very nice picture. BTW, I am adding you to my blog roll!


Hi Meena,
My FIL loves this fruit salad.You can also add canned pineapples, raisins, and nuts.It is good for kids.Great captures:->

I love fruit custard and I also make it the same way...

You presented it very nicely.


Hi Meena,
Healthy and nice dish for kids. Great pic. Thanks for sharing.

i remember this custard from my childhood days... nice picture!

Thank you Trupti for adding my blog into ur blog roll...You have got a nice blog...continue with lots of recipes.Happy blogging:-)

Thank You Lakshmiammal,
even in mothers home every one of us like it..form our childhood we are very much familier with this desert.

Thank you Nidhi!

Thank You Menu Today!

Thank You Mandira!

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